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Well, well, well.

Hello there.

Hello there and welcome.

This is Charlie, by the way.

Charlie is a Wizard.

He’s a wizard cat.

He has all the answers to all the things, that we need to know.

If it wasn’t for Charlie we wouldn’t know what we know.

Say hi Charwie.

He wants to get down because he says, Mom, I have to go see what my sister is doing.

My sister is eating and I have to go and be there for her.

Charlie has a weird obsession with his sister.

Whose name, by the way, is Kitten, which you’ll meet.

You’ll meet her eventually too. Don’t worry.

Not to worry.

You’ll meet the whole fam eventually.

So today I wanted to talk about word arting.

Word arting.

Like farting, but not with an F.

With an A R T I N G.

Word Arting.

I don’t know if you got the memo, but arting is the word I use to describe the kind of art I’m doing in action.

So when I’m Alcohol Ink arting that’s describing the “in the trenches” doing the work, moving the inks around arting.

And word arting is me describing the process of writing.

Because that’s what word arting is technically.

And this applies to any other mediums that we use to express ourself.

And that’s subsequently what this is all about.

This process of arting.

And Art Mastery is really the gateway to self mastery, because what we’re doing when we create space to make art.

At least in the way that I’m talking about.

We are expressing ourself.

We’re speaking our truth.

We’re getting out these unprocessed emotions, which control our reality, and are always making decisions on our behalf while we’re busy looking the other way.

There goes your monster.

Your subconscious programming, saying yes to shit that you don’t want to say yes to.

If you only knew how much control you don’t have over yourself, because you don’t know yourself.

You would probably do what I did, and you would freak the F out.

You probably would.

Because the thing about the monster, and these personality traits, that work on our behalf…

These unprocessed emotions…

They have so much say.

So much control.

So much..

So much power…

Over you.

They have so much control over your heart, because your heart has been broke apart.

So you don’t even really have a whole heart to think with.

To act with.

To make powerful decisions with…

Where am I going with this?

Where am I going with this?

Well, my point is that most of us…

99.9% of us, and maybe even

A hundred percent of us, have so much built up emotions, that we’re carrying around with us, and they’re constantly creating our reality, and making decisions for us from a place of fear, and frustration, and that perpetuates the problems that we are fighting to heal.

Or fighting against.

And so if we really want to break the chains of pain…

And to really heal.

We have to be willing to look at the emotions that are making us feel unwell.

The emotions that are creating the insecurities, and the shame.

And the guilt.

The worry.

And the fear.

But the question we have to really ask, and really start to come to a consensus on, is how do we do this?

How do we do this process?

Yes, you could talk to someone.

Go get a therapist.

That probably has value.

But the caveat to that is who you invest in.

Whoever you choose as your therapist.

You have to go in that decision, trusting that they have your highest and best at heart.

You have to trust that they have done the work because if they’re gonna guide you, and help you heal.

Well, have they healed?

Have they healed?

Do they know what they’re talking about?

Are they a vibrational match to you, and where you want to go?

So the healers out there, you have to be doing the work to actually heal your shit, because if not, you’re not actually helping.

And those who are looking to be healed.

You have to realize that the majority of the success you’re going to have comes from you doing the work yourself.

And that’s why I just think that a daily practice of self-expression through arting…whatever the medium is…but incorporating or integrating all the different mediums, is really how we open the door to the stuff we’ve been ignoring.

The emotions we’ve pushed aside as a way to pretend that they didn’t happen, or that they’re not there, because you have to just be strong and move on.

Don’t look at that stuff.

We don’t know what to do with it.

But guess what happens if you don’t deal with it?

It deals with you.

Thus, the monster.

The shadows that lurk in the background, constantly trying to take you down.

Reminding you over and over again of all the times you failed.

All the times you weren’t good enough.

All the times you weren’t lovable.

All the times you weren’t worth it.

The shadows don’t go away.

The emotions don’t go away just because you put them in a corner.

Just because you lock them up.

So we have to face them.

We have to face them to heal them.

So how do we do that, right?

How do we do that?

And so once again, when we innerstand and understand, and overstand the process of awakening.

The process of healing, and peeling back the onion.

Then we can better discern, what tools to use to actually get the results we want in a fast and efficient way.

Because from my own personal experience, what I’ve come to realize is that the journey probably never ends if we’re eternal.

But, but, but, but…

The journey can lead us into the darkness.

Even darker than it already is.

And it’s a slippery slope because the darker it gets, the darker it can get due to law of attraction.

So while you’re doing the work to go within.

To face the darkness.

To open the doors on the emotions that you pushed aside and said. No I’m not gonna look at that.

Looking at that…

It’s really hard to do.

And this is what most people don’t want to do.

But you gotta go and do it to heal it.

And you gotta feel it to heal it.

And there’s different ways to go about that.

So when we get clear on what those tools are.

What can we do to really do that work, and just get it over with…

Get it over with, so that we can get to the next level.

Because I don’t know about you,

but I want to go above and beyond my problems.

I don’t wanna be stuck in the problems anymore.

I think we’ve repeated history enough times

to know that fear and frustration, and feeling like shit doesn’t really get us anywhere.

So when are we going to stop perpetuating, the same stories?

Question mark.

When? When? When?

You know, so many humans want to fight for their limitations.

They want to fight to be a victim.

They want to mask themselves.

And suffocate themselves.

And stay in the pain, because it’s so comfortable.

It’s so comfortable being that way.

Isolate yourself, then you don’t have to do the work.

You can be menace to society, and act like your narcissistic tendencies are okay when they’re not okay.

It’s not okay.

Society is so quick to want to judge, and punish those who commit physical crimes like rape and murder and theft.

I think those are like the big three.

They should go away to jail for, for whatever.

They should do life in prison.

But that’s like cancer treatment, my friend.

It’s like cancer treatment.

It’s not getting to the root of the problem is it?

Because those that kill.

And those that rape.

And those that steal.

And those that are addicts.

You have no idea what their story is, and why they became the way they became.

You have no idea how many heart breaks they are carrying.

And if the heart gets too broken, and there’s nothing left.

They don’t give a fuck…

They don’t give a fuck about who they hurt or how they hurt them.

They’re so empty and so broken that they are just out there doing onto others the way that they feel within themselves.

So hurt people do hurt people.

And the wave of pain accumulates.




Accumulates and accumulates.

Accumulates and accumulates.

You just get this massive spread of people who are hurting.

People in prisons are hurting.

People who are rich are hurting.

People who are broke are hurting.

It’s so easy to pretend that the hurt doesn’t hurt because we can use coping mechanisms, and we can use people…

The sensations of life, if you will.

The sensation of food.

The sensation of sex.

The sensation of sound.

The sensation of television.

We can use tools in the present moment to try to escape from our past, but the reality is, the past is always going to be biting you in the ass unless you do the work to face it.

And to stop it.

And to change the vibration within.

And to heal those trapped emotions.

So anyway, we have to be willing to stop doing what we’ve always been doing.

And turn it all off.

And I will say that over and over and over again until people really get the message, because it’s such a huge piece of this entire process.

If you really want to heal.

You have to turn off the outside world.

You just do.

You have to be willing to let go for a bit.

Face your emotions.

Face how you feel and heal it.

So one of the tools that we can all use…

It’s really loud out there, isn’t it?

There might be some background noise.

Sorry, not sorry.

I can’t control the outside world.

That’s one thing I’ve come to accept.

I digress.

One of the tools that I used to help myself face myselves was writing.

Journal writing specifically.

I always kept a journal, which helped me get out what was in me.

So my journal.

Your journal can be like a therapist in a way.

A therapist that doesn’t talk back which has tremendous value because sometimes you just don’t need someone to talk back.

Most of the time, you don’t need someone to give you advice or feedback.

What you need is to just get out what is in you so that you can clear the energy.

So you can face and see the emotions.

So when you use a journal to write out how you feel.

You are seeing how you feel on paper.

You know what I mean?

So for me personally, I started writing when I was young, and I kept that journal going most of my adult life.

But then I sort of stopped it for a bit.

But then when I got cancer, that’s when everything changed, and I started documenting my cancer experience, and that turned into this series that I call Confessions of an Empath.

And it was in the confessions of an empath, and documenting my process for self-healing from cancer.

And going on to create an extraordinary life.

And it was the documenting through writing that helped me keep myself accountable to how I was feeling, and also backing that with my intention to self heal.

And to get to know myself.

And so it was through the confessions writing, and documenting that process that I was able to really realize this monster side of myself.

This dark side of myself.

The shadows that I had no idea were there.

No idea.

Because when you become who you become, you get caught up in a programming.

You get caught up in these lines and shapes in your insides that govern how you show up in life today.

So your past is always carving your future.


So if we want a better future we have to be willing, and able to see who we were, and be more discerning about who we are becoming.

And as I started to document, and learn about myselves that’s when I learned about Joe Despensa’s work, and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

So then I started documenting that, and doing that work.

And anyway, it was through writing.

Writing, writing, writing that I was able to express, and say how I really felt without feeling judged, or without worrying about hurting someone else’s feelings, per se.

And it was in that freedom of self-expression that I was able to release these versions of myself.

And releasing those versions of myself really helped me open up to who I really was.

Recognizing and realizing the dark side of myself helped me realize and recognize my fears, and my traumas, and the stories that were triggering me, to feel that way, or causing me to feel that way.

And understanding, innerstanding those stories helped me realize the work I needed to do…

What I needed to do to truly heal.

And it really just comes back to love.

I needed to love myself.

Love those parts of myself.

And that’s sort of when I learned about alcohol inks.

And alcohol inks, like I said in the last video…

Really helped teach me the vibration of love.

What love looks like.

What love feels like in a way that is different, than the human to human ideology of what we think is love.

Because like I said, most people don’t know what love really is because love ain’t what you say, it’s what you do.

And most people are not doing, or acting from a place of true love.

Self love.

So yeah, alcohol inks just opened me up to that energy.

To that vibration.

To that world, if you will.

And that’s when my writing changed dramatically.

And so instead of writing about my day, I started writing more creatively.

And that’s sort of what then became, what I call art stories.

Because art stories isn’t so grammatically correct.

It’s not so much in a box.

It’s more free.

It’s more real.

More like how I talk.

But what ended up happening was, it sort of became more poetic.

More rhyming to it, sort of.


But it was really predicated on how you said the words.

It’s hard to explain.

It’s hard for me to put my word arting technique into words.

Which is why I ended up turning my word art writings into spoken word, because that gave me the opportunity to really showcase how the writing, when spoken changes how it feels entirely.

But we’ll get into that in the next episode.

But for the sake of this episode, and talking about word arting.

Word arting is different than just journal writing.

But the two have their place, when it comes to self-expression, thus self-healing, and helping us really get to know who we are.

So writing is both a form of Self-Mastery and Art Mastery.

And I promise you when you start writing, whether it’s journal writing or word art writing, you will discover these versions of yourself, that you had no idea were there.

And sometimes at first it can be scary, and it can be hard to take, cuz you have to face these sides of yourself.

But what you don’t know, is what hurts the most.

I promise you it’s not so much the truth that hurts.

It’s the weight of the lies, and living that way for so long.

The energy of distortion.

The energy of entanglement, which is what subsequently happens when we aren’t free, or safe to express how we feel.

If we don’t deal with how we feel, when it’s happening, it can cause a massive buildup of resistance.

And that’s how we end up getting sick.




Heart disease.




Autoimmune diseases.

Whatever the disorder is, whatever the dis-ease is.

It’s because there is a breakdown in function, and that is usually because we are heart broken.

And the heart breaks, are the byproduct of us not being able to process our emotions.

So like I’ve said in the past, low frequency emotions of like grief.

Or sadness.

Or fear.

Or trauma in some way.

It acts like an axe, smashing the heart into cracks.

The low frequency emotions act like an axe, smashing the heart into cracks.

The low frequency emotions, act like an axe, smash the heart into crack.

So we, we, we, we…

Individual human beings…

We have to take responsibility for those cracks.

We have to face the cracks.

We have to stop going out there, expecting the world to make us feel whole.

And we have to go within, and do the work to feel whole.

We have to restore balance.

We have to heal our dis-ease.

By facing the feelings.

Raising your vibration through the daily practice of feeling good.

Okay. Okay.

So is that all I wanted to say about word arting?

Basically we need to all start getting a journal, and writing and writing and writing.

And a little tip…

A little trick that worked for me, was writing on my phone.

Whenever I got a download, I would open up my notes app, and I would just write whatever came through.

And here’s what’s also really beautiful when you use alcohol inks as a tool to help you learn about love, and open you up.

What’s gonna happen is you’re gonna start channeling your angels.

You’re gonna channel your guides.

You’re gonna channel maybe people that you loved who have died.

You’re going to become a channel for the Divine.

And that’s also going to help you learn about love.

That’s gonna help you learn about yourself in a whole different way.

But here’s the caveat to that.

Here’s what you have to really innerstand, is that you have to be willing to do the work to open up your phone and write when you get a download.

One thing I will tell you is that you’re not gonna always wanna do it, because you have to realize that when you commit to this practice of writing for self-expression, and self-healing

that you’re saying,

I’m willing to open the door and look.

I’m willing to be aware of the opportunity.

I’m willing to say, Hey…

I feel a certain way, and I want to get to know it.

Open up my phone, or take out a pen and paper, and write.

Write how I feel.

Speak my truth.

And there’s gonna be a part of you, that doesn’t want to know.

They don’t wanna know how you feel, because if you figure it out.

If you really know that you feel like shit.

Or if you discover this version of yourself, that is constantly bringing you down…

Then you know

And then it’s your job to heal it.

Thus, kill it.

That’s right.

You gotta kill it.

There’s no room for fear where we are going.

Do you understand?

Do you innerstand?

So these low vibrational ways of being, that you’ve probably become as a byproduct of feeling hurt, and unloved.

They need to be loved so that we can move on.

And so that’s the work.

Realizing who they are.

Why they are…

Loving them.

Thus killing them.

And then you are free.

You are free.

So word arting is a tool we can all use.

And when you combine that with alcohol ink…

Let me tell ya…

Let me tell ya….

You’re gonna be a force to be reckon with.

You’re gonna be a force to be reckon with.

And ultimately, our quest, regardless of who you are, and what your shoe size is, our quest is to become love machines.


Because that’s what we really are as human beings.

They didn’t want you to know.

But I’m here to tell you…

I’m here to tell you, you have a heart.

And when your heart is whole…

When you feel well.

You are a love machine.

And love machines.



So that’s all I have to say in this episode.

Be sure to check out the next episode, on Audio Arting where we talk about, how we turn our words into audio arts, to give a whole different perspective on how words spoken out loud, can change your vibration.

Clear the throat chakra, and help you really become super-duper-uper powerful.

That’s right, that’s right.