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By Artist Sarah Long

Would you like a custom piece of art made just for you?

Or someone close to you?

Well all you have to do is let me know what inspires you, and I’ll be in touch to set up a good time to discuss the deets about your custom art piece.

How it works: 

Step 1: Art Consultation

To get started we need to have good conversation about what you need and want. Things like the colours you love, what colours are currently dominating your environment. What size painting inspires you, and where will you hang your artwork? What kind of style do you want (lines and shapes or layers and effects)?

You can always send me images of things that inspire you like, colour schemes, other abstract art samples, etc, to use as the reference for your commission. But it’s important to know that alcohol inks do their own thing, (which is what we love about them), and often times, how the painting turns out is a million times better than what you think you want. 

Step 2: Contract (50%)

All commissions will take place under contract – just like any major purchase.

Once we have come to an agreement on your commissioned art piece, and the timeline set and all aspects of the work agreed, a 50% non refundable deposit is required for work to commence.

Final approval can be in person or via imagery.

Commissions typically take 4 to 8 weeks to complete, depending on the type of piece.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the work as it develops.

Step 3: Final Work Approval

You approve the final work, and I ship or deliver the art directly to you (for Halifax residents only). An extra 15% commission fee will be applied to the regular price of the painting.

Final payment is required upon final approval and before delivery.

Get Your Custom Piece Today!

I am currently booking commissions for January 2024.

Contact me at artistsarahlong@proton, or fill out the form below.