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A delicious art & edutainment experience.

The art stories project is a lot of things…

It’s rich and delicious. It’s abstract.

It’s high and low. It’s in and out.

It’s honest and organized.

It’s clean and concise. It’s juicy and moist.

It’s soft and smooth. It’s always in the mood.
It’s hot and cold.

It’s colorful.
It’s emotional.

It’s all true, except for the stuff that isn’t true.

It’s sexual and sensual.

It’s real, raw, and interesting.

Think warm apple pie, ice cream on the side.
Think morning sex. Think orgasmic. Think soft warm sand under feet.
Think warm blankly and cuddle bunny. Think yummy.

Think new romance and slow dance. Think passion and intimacy.

Think perfect chemistry.
Think soft skin and Divine massage therapy…

So needless to say...

Inside the Art Stories Project, You'll Find A Lot of Juicy Content.

Sometimes you’ll find a psychological thriller.

A true crime.

A love story.

A horror story.

A drama.

It just depends on the time and day…

The perspective conveyed.

Either way you'll be Engaged.

You'll be edutained.

You'll wanna know more.

You'll open the door.

You'll fall in love.

You'll activate your gloves.

So let’s just say the art stories project is a great place to go no matter who you are, or what you're looking for.

It’s also a place to go to learn and grow.

To experience something better than Netflix and social media censorship.

To get full access you’ll need to purchase an Art Stories ProjectTrue Fan Club membership. 

You can try it out, 7 days free.

If you like what you see, it will be $19.99 / month.

Cancel easily.

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