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I got a pro tip for you.

I got a pro tip on how you can, become super powerful.

So take notes okay.

So if you are a true human being, then you have a heart and you have feelings and you can feel when the energy feels off and you can feel when the energy feels good.

And, and so when you get really good, when you get really precise at recognizing when something feel bad and you push it out of your life.

Yes, you gotta be willing to do whatever it takes.

If it doesn’t feel good, it’s causing, it’s causing holes in your aura field.

It’s causing holes in your body field, which is causing you to leak energy out.

And if you’re leaking energy out, well then you’re not super powerful, are you?

No, you are weak.

You are being disempowered by this low frequency energy, this thing that doesn’t feel good.

So when you say no to that, and you put your attention into what does feel good into things that keep you aligned and feeling alive inside, feeling happy and excited.


And when you feel like that, then you are constantly being filled up with good information, good feelings, good emotions, and that my friends, is the juice.

That is the juice that we need to create divine, glorious, extraordinary realities.

Lives we are meant to be living.

We are meant to be rich in health and wealth and love.

But how can you possibly be rich when you’re constantly giving your power away to people, places, and situations and ideas and, and, and projects that don’t actually feel good to you?

So being honest with yourself is really fucking important.

If you’re not gonna be honest, how can you ever expect to change?

How can you ever expect to truly be in power of yourself, of your life…

Honesty is where the true healing begins, and that is the path to true self mastery.

Good day.

I AM. Alcohol Ink Artist. Mixed Media Queen.