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Some people dream.

Some people don’t dream.

For me personally, I always had this feeling inside of me.

This calling.

Call it a dream…
Or maybe it was just the need to get out the Monster brewing inside of me.

I didn’t know.

I just knew it wanted out.

So I spent most of my life trying to get it out.

But nothing I did ever worked out.

And I mean never.

After a while, I started to realize I was cursed.

Cursed to never be great.

Cursed to never amount to anything…

And I blame this curse on my imprinting.

I was raised by narcissistic parents who used me as a source of supply all the time.

And that is why I was dying while I was alive.

And that’s also why I was dying to die.

For as long as I can remember I hated being alive.

It’s hard to overcome the pain of not feeling loved as a child.

Children who are raised by these Monsters usually become Monsters.

Thus, victims often become abusers.

But I refused to be like them.

I loathed them.

Lucky for me, I was a natural-born athlete.

And sports helped me manage the pain.

Sports helped me cope.

Sports gave me the opportunity to prove my self-worth, in spite of being told over and over again, that I was worthless.

Eventually, I grew up and the sports ended.

But that’s when I fell in love with fitness.

My specialty was running.

In my prime, I ran all the time.

During my runs, I felt unstoppable.

I felt the flow.

The synchronicity of my breath with my step gave me this sense of bliss…

This feeling of oneness.

But the problem was, running like this all the time, is really hard on the body, and eventually, my body gave up on me.

She started to shut down, because she didn’t really wanna run, because running wasn’t actually fun.

What She wanted was to feel loved.

But I didn’t know that at the time.

What I did know tho, was that I needed a place to go to heal from what I was running from.

I needed a place to go to learn how to do life because I had no idea how to do life…

Which is common when you’ve been parentified as a kid.

Anyway, my first big dream revealed itself to me when I was 26.

I moved across the country to get as far away from them as I could get, and that’s when I started my career in health and fitness.

It was around this time, that I received a book called “Happiness is a Choice”.

And I know this might sound crazy to people who are naturally happy, but for me, this was advanced information that brand new to me.

The idea that you could choose to be happy was so foreign because I was trained to be unhappy.

Always so sad.



Never sure of myself…

Turns out, I was groomed to hate myself.

But I didn’t want to feel like this.

I knew I was different.

I wanted to be happy.

Good at something.

But there was nowhere to go for help with what I had inside of me.

And because I was so desperate for help…

This book woke me up to the idea that anything is possible if you believe in Love.

That’s when I started to pursue the quest to create the World’s Greatest Healing Center.

But in spite of my good intentions and passion for health and fitness, the curse would never let me win.

I could never catch a break.

And everything I did always backfired on me.

Eventually, I gave up on the healing center dream.

I my past pain devour me and my health continued to get worse over time. .

But in spite of my slow demise, I was still committed to self-improvement, and I invested in courses and education in areas of health and wellness, hoping I would find the magic bullet.

But to no avail, I could never find relief.

Then in 2016, cancer got me.

Left Boobie.

Stage 3B.

Needless to say, I was both shocked as fuck and not shocked at all.

Shocked because I did so much work to try and heal myself, and this is what I get?

And not shocked because I knew deep down, I was sick with something very serious.

In the beginning of this deadly diagnosis, I thought it was an opportunity to do things differently.

And I was determined to beat this disease and go back to the healing center dream that was buring inside of me.

So that’s what I did…

I set on the quest to self-heal and create the world’s greatest healing center…again.

But once again the curse was still there.

And in spite of my hard work to create something great, things got a lot worse for me.

Cancer treatment broke me in ways I’ll probably never recover from…

And on top of all that I was attacked by another narcissistic villain.

All of these setbacks combined killed whatever drive I had left, and I started to feel lifeless.

I gave up on the quest…again.

Instead of dreaming, I started to prepare for leaving.

I studied death…obsessively.


Near-death experiences.


And everything I learned told me life after death is much better than living a life like this.

And maybe for some, the suffering and hardship is accepted.

We just accept that this is how life is.

But I couldn’t accept it.

I knew I was meant for more, I just couldn’t find the door.

But eventually, giving up felt like my only option.

The path of least resistance.

And more than anything I just wanted relief.

I wanted to be ready to die…

No regrets.

And the beauty of giving up on your dreams is that you have no unfinished business.

So now you’re free to go.

And I was ready…

Ready to fly.

I wrote my goodbyes.

I had my weapon of demise.

But I couldn’t pull the trigger.


Because at the same time, I was falling madly in love with alcohol inks.

Alcohol inks taught me so much about life, love, and the art of being human.

They taught me how to move energy.

And every time I painted, I could feel something magical happening inside me.

I was changing.

My senses were activating.

I knew things… intuitively.

I could feel things happening before they happened.

So, in many ways, the inks saved me.

They brought me back to life because they made me feel alive inside.

They gave me the desire to try again.

And they inspired me to commit to a new vision…

A new dream.

And in 2022 I become The World’s Greatest Alcohol Ink Artist (self-proclaimed).

And that’s when my luck started to change.

I was being blessed in very microscopic ways.

And these blessings helped me chip away…

And any chance I could get, I would paint.

And painting activated my creativity.

I started to write differently.

Speak differently.

Think differently.

Act differently.

That’s how I created The Art Stories Project.

And now that I know what I know, I know the inks opened me up to a new world.

The world of colour energy.

Colours are love.

Colours are God.

And God showed me how to become more God Like.

And over time, I started to change my mind.

The more I painted, the more I activated my third eye.

And my third eye showed me who I was on the inside.

I didn’t even know I had an inside.

And once you know, you can’t un-know.

So you have to keep going.
You have to do the work…

And it is through the daily practice of self-mastery and art mastery, combined with gratitude and forgiveness for everything, that I was able to create The World’s Greatest Healing Center within me.

And now I know that what we all want is to feel loved…

For it is without love that we get stuck.

Without love, the energy of our past will always be carving our path.

So if we want to heal…



Expand our consciousness and become the Deliberate Creators of our own reality, we must be willing to learn about love…daily.

One of the ways to do this is to create a Healing Home Sanctuary.

This is a key step in the healing quest, for it is our environment that influences our health and mindset.

So my alcohol ink art paintings are a tool in the toolbox of love.

When we use the art to create a healing home environment, we create a space that feels safe and comfortable.

And thus, you are doing the work just by being Home…

So with all that being said, now you know why I am so passionate about the alcohol inks.

And after practicing for a few years, it is my hope that one day, I can sell my art like hotcakes.

And maybe those that buy my art will also experience the extraordinary healing power of alcohol inks and colour energy.

Thank you for everything.