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Alcohol Ink Artist 

Self-Mastery Coach 

Content Creator 

Light Bringer


A place to go to expand and grow…

How you feel creates your reality.

I’ve spent a long time diving deep into the world of psychology, spirituality, alcohol inks and natural healing techniques.

And from my research I created tools, resources and support to help humans do the work to feel loved.

Self-Love is the key to your Abundance.

Abundance is your birthright.

Alcohol Ink Art 




9" x 12"

Cosmic Dreams

35" x 25.5"

Ave Marie

36" x 24"

The Embrace

33" x 25"

Morning Elvis

33" x 25"

Chaos Walking

27" x 20"

Beyond Bliss

18" x 24"

Midnight Magic

18" x 24"

Hypnotic Romance

18" x 24"

Alcohol Ink Art 



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Book a Session

1) Divine Guidance

Enhance your life through divine guidance counseling—a thoughtful conversation that delves into the obstacles holding you back and provides constructive solutions to overcome them.

Book a Session – $75 / hr


2) Healing Treatment

Each session begins with an aura and chakra reading using the Biopulsar. From there you can relax on the healing bed, and enjoy a blend of Rife frequency, Reiki healing, soothing sound and color energy. Every session is designed to Activate dormant DNA, release trapped energy, and help you calibrate to wellbeing.

Sessions are held out of home studio, located in Halifax, NS.

Schedule a treatment today – $110 / session

3) Self-Mastery Coaching

Self-mastery coaching takes you through my framework for doing the work to break the habit of being yourself, and activating the artist within.

The process includes a health detective assessment, a life plan, self care program, art mastery program and accountability coaching to ensure your success.

Each session builds upon the previous one, offering a cohesive progression from fear to love.

Sessions are conducted via phone/Zoom and can be in person upon request.

Schedule a session today – $90 / hr

(Pro-rated program packages are available)

4) Breast Cancer Supportive Care

Having battled cancer and undergone both natural and conventional treatments, I understand the challenges of this journey.

I recognize the significance of having someone to talk to outside of friends and family.

If you’re seeking help, guidance, or support, I’m here for you.

Sessions are available via Zoom, phone, or in person

Book today – $75 / hr

(If finances are a concern, please reach out to me

5) Content Creator Consulting

I am a content creator. I created this website and all the content on it, and I am the only creator for The Art Stories Project and my social media content. For me, content is art. And art is content.

Thus, I offer a pallet of mixed media services, including writing, video art, audio art, photo art, and WordPress website design, and social media content creation. I also offer a framework that makes it easy to create, plan and schedule your daily, weekly and monthly content.

So whether you’re in search of a content creator or seeking guidance on content creation, schedule a consultation, and together, we can delve into your ideas and creative requirements.

Book a session – $90 / hr

6) Art Commissions

Interested in commissioning a personalized alcohol ink painting from me?

During an art commissions consultation we will discuss you, your personality, your home decor and what colors you want in your piece of alcohol ink art, size, collection type.

This helps me get an idea of where to begin. But that being said, it’s important to know that the inks are angelic intelligence with high frequency information. Thus, every painting is a specific message – I am just the messenger.

The session fee is $75, but rest assured, if you choose to move forward with your commissioned piece, this fee will be credited toward your initial deposit.

Book a session today – $75 / hr


Ever since I hung up my piece of alcohol ink artwork in my living room, the space has come alive with vibrant colors and positive energy. It's like a daily dose of therapy, and I find myself feeling more inspired and uplifted every time I walk into the room. Artist Sarah Long, is truly gifted in her artistry.

Chase Carlson

As a professional working in a fast-paced office environment, the alcohol ink art I commissioned from Artist Sarah Long for my workspace has been a game-changer. The captivating abstract patterns and depth create a very captivating atmosphere that makes being in the office feel more alive. It's truly transformed my work environment.

Carley Kohen

I recently redecorated my bedroom and decided to incorporate a piece of alcohol ink art by Artist Sarah Long, into the design. I cannot express how much it has enhanced my personal sanctuary. The vibrancy and depth of the painting is better than watching a movie because there's so much to see. I am now looking into adding a piece of Sarah's work to other rooms because it's so captivating.

Christine Smith

I had the privilege of experiencing a divine guidance session with Sarah, and it was nothing short of incredible. Sarah's ability to connect with higher energies and provide profound insights is unmatched. This session left me feeling inspired and empowered. I will be working with her regularly. Thanks again Sarah!

Vanessa K

Sarah's divine guidance session was truly transformative. Her deep insights and intuitive abilities provided me with the clarity and direction I needed in a time of uncertainty. I'm grateful for the profound impact this session had on my life.

Andre Tulk