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Whether you're an art lover, art collector, or looking for a unique gift, a piece of Alcohol Ink Art by Artist Sarah Long is guaranteed to leave a positive imprint.


Divine Mind

9" x 12"

Divine Love

9" x 12"


9" x 12"

Cosmic Dreams

35" x 25.5"

Ave Marie

36" x 24"

The Embrace

33" x 25"

Morning Elvis

33" x 25"

Chaos Walking

27" x 20"

Beyond Bliss

18" x 24"

About Her·

About Her·

About Her·

About Her·

About Her·

The Ins & Outs:

About Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Inks, crafted from isopropyl alcohol, offer a rapid drying and non-porous artistic medium.

Utilizing airbrush techniques, heat application, and the rhythmic flow of breath, We skillfully manipulate these inks into intricate lines and shapes, unveiling a tapestry of textures.

Each brushstroke contains the potential to unlock dormant DNA and ignite your innate creative spirit, making them a potent catalyst for healing and elevating your vibrational frequency.

Alcohol Ink Effects


This effect is achieved with just a single layer of ink. Employing the heat gun drying technique, we create exceptionally detailed and precise lines and shapes that not only stimulate your third eye but also facilitate a transformative shift in your thought patterns.


This effect is achieved through the meticulous application of multiple layers, requiring a substantial commitment of time and discipline.

The more time we allow between layers, the more rich & orgasmic the lines will be. This is what we love.


Alcohol ink art painting can be 4 paintings in one, because there are 4 different perspectives: 

Lanscape 1

Landscape 2

Portrait 1

Portrait 2

So there is no right way to display your piece of artwork, it just depends on which way feels best to you. 

Each perspective will reveal a new scene, new information, and new feelings. Below shows one painting, (“The Ocean“) in all it’s unique perspectives.



8″ X 10″

12″ X 12″


11″ X 14″‘

16″ X 20″


18″ X 24″

22″ X 22″

20″ X 27″

24″ X 26″


35″ X 25.5″

36″ X 24″

40″ x 26″

Add a splash of colour to your life

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