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Okay, time for another pro tip.

The pro tip for today is how to alleviate the pain in your body.

So many people have pain in their body.


Why, right?

Oh, maybe it’s because you have fibromyalgia

Or maybe it’s because you got this spinal problem

Or this arthritis, or this or that.

But guess what?

Guess what?

It’s actually the byproduct…

The manifestation of trapped emotions.

And those trapped emotions get stuck because we are not being honest…

We’re not being honest with ourselves.

It’s so easy to put blinders on and pretend that things are working when they’re not.

To pretend we’re happy when we’re not because we get used to doing that.

And ultimately there’s always this fear of changing even though what’s comfortable is actually very uncomfortable.

But we like what we know.

So we stay in these situations…

These situation-ships and they’re not fulfilling.

They’re suffocating…



Ways of acting…


Coping mechanisms.

Et cetera.

Like whatever it is, one of them…

All of them…

If they don’t feel good.

If they’re not empowering you, then they’re probably disempowering you.

And, when we feel disempowered.

When we feel weak.

When we feel unwell.


That energy…

Feeling that way manifests into the body.

And that’s why we end up with so much pain.

It’s like tension…

The tension of not really being free.

The tension of not being happy.

It’s like it just builds up and becomes this chronic state of fight or flight.

This rigidness.

Especially the empaths out there, because if you’re an empath, then you are highly sensitive.

And just because you’re an empath doesn’t make you healed or a good person.

Oftentimes empaths are people pleasers because you’re avoiding rocking the boat.

You’re avoiding setting the bomb off, and that’s why you’re highly sensitive, because you had to be as a way to protect yourself from, probably very unpredictable parents.

And so being highly empathic.

Being highly sensitive is actually coping mechanism but you can use that to your advantage.

You can use it as as a superpower so long as you’re doing the work t pay attention to when you don’t feel good.

When someone a relationship in any way whether it’s your parents, your friends, your kids, your boss, your this, your that.

There’s always this and that.

Whoever it is, if they are making you feel like you can’t breathe.

If they’re suffocating.

If they cause you a lot of pain in your body.

If they make you go crazy in your mind…

Like the narcissistic personality disorder.

They’ll make you crazy because they lie, and they gaslight, and they manipulate. and they coerce, and they’re just not genuine, honest, healthy people.

And, essentially the narcissist is an empty vessel.

A black hole of nothingness.

It’s not their fault.

The byproduct oftentimes of child abuse.

Or demonic possession, I think.

But either way they’re sucking your life force dry, like a magnet.

They pull from you, your good energy.

And so when that’s happening that can actually cause the effect of pain.

Pain in your back.

Pain in your in your chest.

Pain in your neck.

Pain in your jaw.

Pain in your knees.

Pain in your overall body.

Just this constant aching, right?

That is because your life force, is being hijacked.

So if you’re aware.

If you’re aware of where your pain is.

If you do have pain in your body, it’s up to you to do the work to remove the hidden stressors.

To remove the energy drainers.

Let me put a to you like this, okay.

When I had my mastectomy I made the biggest mistake of my life, and I got an implant.

I did immediate reconstruction and then they put an implant in, right after the mastectomy…

It’s too much.

It’s too much.

And on top of that

I did 26 rounds of radiation, on top of that bitch.

I knew in my heart that it wasn’t the right thing to but at the time, I was very much in my mind in my ego, and I didn’t want to have one boob, and I wanted to get it all over with.

Get this cancer nightmare d o n e please.

I went against my intuition.

I didn’t trust myself and I didn’t trust that this treatment plan isn’t for my highest and best.

So I made a decision that cost me so much.

So much of my health.

So much of my mind.

So much of my time.

Anyway, I get the implant in.

Things just keep getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.

I feel like I’m dying.

And they tell me, you know, give it two years.

Give it two years.

See how it’ll drop down and it won’t be so tight and this and that.

No, no, no, no.

That is not true.

The implant was killing me.

And so here’s the thing.

I have this implant in, and it’s supposed to be fine.

They’ll gaslight you and tell you it’s okay.

It’s fine.

It’s not fine.

You’re going to expand your chest and stretch the fascia and expect that it’s not gonna have a consequence on your entire body.

On your spine.

On your neck.


It’s a bad idea.

Not to mention you are putting a foreign object in your body.

It’s nice in theory but it is not fucking practical.

It doesn’t work in the real world.

So many women end up doing this cosmetic surgery just because they’re insecure.

You get breast implants cuz you want big boobs.

For who?


The risk versus reward is not there in my opinion and it’s just insane.

Another massive crime against humanity that women who end up with this breast cancer end up being sold on this very toxic bullshit cancer treatment.

This lie.

This gimmick.

This gimmick.

It’s like, oh, we know you’re gonna be insecure with having one tit so here’s a fake solution that we can sell you on and make some money.

We can make some money off the insecurities of having one booby.

Oh, that’s real fun.

That’s real nice.

Line my pockets…

Drive my nice car…

Meanwhile, millions of women are doing this because they’re told it’s okay and they’re like me and they don’t trust themselves enough to be like it’s not okay and they’re not secure enough to be like I embrace my one boob because this is what it is.

This is what happened and so we deal with it.

We deal with it.

I’ll tell you right now I’d much rather deal with one boob than deal with the aftermath the consequences of breast implant illness.

No joke.

No joke. I apologize if you’re offended by my swearing.

I get very passionate about this stuff and sometimes I use the word fuck to express my passion and I don’t give a fuck.

I digress.

You get the implant and you’re trying to figure out why you wanna kill yourself?

Why you’re so miserable why you’re in so much pain all the time.

Why nothing you do works.

Nothing works, nothing sticks.

You still feel like shit.

Like you’re, you’re caving in.

Like you’re collapsing within yourself and you’re just like

I know I’m wasting away.

I know, I know, I know, I know

I am going to die very soon.


Why doc?


Just give it two years and then it’s like two years goes by and you’re like I think that something is seriously wrong.

And it’s like they don’t know.

And they’re never gonna say that it’s because of the implant in your chest.


They’re never gonna blame or make you think that their treatments have caused any harm.

No, no, no.

Because you know the medical system the doctors, they have an oath.

Do no harm.



Everybody lies.

Everything is a lie.

So why would we believe them?

Everything they do is based on lies and crimes.

The system…

The medical system does not heal.

It does not fucking help.

If anything it does the exact opposite.

It’s all just an illusion.

A facade.

If you think for a second that the poison the cutting and the burning is actually saving lives you are delusional.

It isn’t healing.

It might be removing the manifestation of one problem or the obvious manifestation of one problem.

If you cut off a tit the cancer’s gone.

Yay, we solved the problem.

Now you’re free to go live your life and be normal.

Be normal.



More gaslighting…

More gaslighting, because you’re not normal, and life will never be the same, after you’ve been through their treatment plan.

So while they make you think, you’re cancer free.

Chances are, you have another cancer brewing, in the background.

Something that hasn’t been detected or diagnosed yet.

And if it’s not cancer then it’s just like a slow demise because of the destruction of their treatment weakens the cells.

Weakens the fascia.

Weakens the organs.

So you might not die from cancer and you might not die right away from cancer treatment

or whatever treatment it is that you take from them, but you will die eventually.

It’s just gonna be slow and painful.

And if I could go back in time I’d much rather die from cancer than go through this bullshit.

But nontheless, here I am.

Eventually I got the implant out because I learned through research there’s this thing called breast implant illness.

Not something they’re gonna talk about when they’re selling you on their implants.

Look at all our sizes.

We got the Raindrop and we got the this and we got the that.

And they got this texture and that texture and it’s like we got all these options.

It’s so nice to have options.

It’s so nice to choose what kind of boob you want to put in.

But never was there like this overview of the consequences the breast implant illness consequences and how it’s going to make you feel like you are not real.

It’s gonna take away your joy and your light.

The implant…

The breast implant is like a narcissist.

It’s like a black hole..

It is sucking your life force out.

My point is, is that nothing I did to get well was working because I had this thing in me.

A foreign object.

An energy drainer.

And I get the implant out and then everything falls to shit even more because now you have opened Pandora’s Box.

Now all the damage that’s been done from having that in there for two plus years now, it’s out and now you have to recover from that fall.

So it’s just like one fall after another.

And there’s nowhere to go for help.

You understand that, right?

You understand that they will take you down.

They’ll sell you on their treatment plans and they act like they’re the holy grail to health and wellness.

But I think we’re starting to realize that is the exact opposite.

And they’ll sell you on this and they convince you they, they brainwash us to believe that’s the only way to heal.

And that death and dying is the end of the world….

There are worser things than death.

And there is more to healing than the medical system.

The narcissistic medical system has a monopoly on how we take care of ourselves, doesn’t it?

I’ve learned there are better ways.

There are so many other ways…

That there is nowhere to go for help with this.

There’s nowhere to go to learn those other ways.

That’s why I’m so passionate about telling you my ways.

Telling you what I’ve learned and that’s also why I’m so passionate about creating these healing centers.

These micro community based healing centers because when we have a place to go to converse and talk about these other ways when we start to really empower ourselves with the truth and calibrate to wellbeing.

When we start to wake up and recognize what’s causing us to leak our energy out.

Where are we giving our power away?

Where is the implant in our lives?

And start doing the work to remove the implant.

So getting the implant out helped.

And, I shouldn’t have got it in the first place.

So, big lesson learned…

If something doesn’t feel right it’s because it ain’t right.

So don’t do it.

Don’t do it.

Don’t do it.

Trust yourself.

Trust yourself.


So the healing journey after getting the implant out took some time and then I started to find my way back to myself and I started to feel better.

But the pain in my body the problems I was experiencing it wasn’t going away.

It wasn’t going away.

In fact, things started to get worse.

How could it get worse than cancer?

How could it get worse than breast implant illness?

And I’ll tell you how it can get worse…

When you end up getting hijacked by a covert rescuer narcissist who just wants to control and manipulate and take from the broken cancer victim.

Easy source of supply when she’s already dead.

The joke is on me.

The joke is on me.

I fell for it.

I’ll be the first to admit it.

Yes, I got conned by the con artist, but guess what?

Guess what?

They don’t know who they fucked with.

They didn’t know I was Artist Sarah Long.

They didn’t know what I came to do.

They didn’t realize that everything they did to try to stop me just it gave me more reason

more opportunity to go within.

And the deeper I go the more I find out and the more I find out well, guess what?

I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve learned so much and this wisdom…

This knowledge that I’ve cultivated through this endless dying process.

This, death and destruction that I can’t escape.

The more I die, the more I rise…

The bigger I get.

And the more determined I am to expose them.

The more determined I am to really, really, really cultivate my gifts and speak my truth and put up boundaries that literally block me.

It’s like they can’t get to me anymore.

They can’t get to me anymore because I won the war.

I won the war.

I did the work.

I did the healing work…

The work they won’t tell you to do.

I did the work that most people don’t know you can do.

I did the work most people will never do and I’m not done.

So look out world…

Look out.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

And so what I have done recently is.

I have removed the other implant in my life and I’m starting to feel so good.

Like so much better.

So much better.

So now I know.

Now I know that implants show up in so many different ways.

And these ways can seem innocent.

They can seem like we need them.

It can seem like support.

It can seem like help.

It looks like help.


We’re here to help.

We got a cancer treatment.

We got some money for you.

We got some honey for you.

We could be a friend.

I could be your business partner.

I could be your lover.

I could be this

I could be that…

Maybe you could be…

but do you feel good to me?

If the answer is no.

Then no.





No, no, no, no, no, no.

No more to anything that activates or sounds my spiritual alarm.

If you’re sounding the alarm in my body.



So this process takes time because it takes time to realize when you’re being triggered.

It takes time to realize why you’ve become the way you are.

It takes time to realize who the narcissist is, and who you are and how you are.

Why you are the way you are?

Why you have so much pain?

But the more you start to understand that you are really the creator of your own reality.

You are the one causing your own pain by not being honest with yourself.

By allowing people to step on you.

Take advantage of you.

Suck you dry.

By being a people pleaser.

By being very sensitive and not having boundaries up.

You are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of.

Thus, your pain…

Pain is such a slippery slope, right because it’s hard to think greater than how you feel.

So if you feel like crap all the time if you’re achy, and you feel stiff, and you feel rigid, and you just got this pain that can be so heavy.

It’s very depressing, mentally, emotionally.

And you get into this place.

You just can’t think past the pain.

So you’re grumpy.

You’re miserable

You’re irritable.

And this pain can cause people to do mean things.

It can cause you to be depressed or can cause you to be very lazy and lifeless.

And so when we look at people in the world who aren’t thriving…

Please have compassion for them because we are all battling our wars of art.

We are all battling the war within our heart.

The stories.

The traumas that have caused us to become a personality.

And our personality is subsequently what we are using to create our reality.

To make our decisions with.

Our personality is how we have relationships with each other.

And so, you know, if you are a certain way and in this personality way of being that you’ve developed or that you’ve become…

This way of being will react and interact with people in specific ways.

And, so you have these energies.

Someone else and your energy and you’re dancing you’re entangling your energies around and so, depending on their energy depending on your energy, it causes lines and shapes.

And these lines and shape create your reality.

So I don’t know if that makes any sense but to give you a better explanation it’s like, you’re letting the narcissistic personality trait in and they are sucking energy from you.

They’re taking from you because that’s what they do.

They are parasites.

And if you are an empath who is a people pleaser if you don’t have boundaries if you’re not strong and confident in who you are then you might allow them in.

And every time you allow them in they’re taking another peace from you.

Another piece of who you are.

And you don’t realize it but if you’re honest with yourself and you’re paying attention to how you feel in your body then you do realize it.

You do know.

So what are you going to do about it?

I think it’s really up to the feelers to really step into their power and be the change we need to see in the world because the narcissists are not gonna do it and they’re so prevalent.

But what they really need I think is love.

Maybe it’s a futile quest.

Maybe, no matter how much love you give them they’ll never have enough because of that void.

But at least, if we can forgive and give love with strong boundaries in place then we’re not being taken advantage of because they can’t take from someone who isn’t giving.

But we can give without being taken advantage.

Give on your terms.

Love on your terms.

Be kind.

Be caring.

But be discerning.

Be disciplined.

And then when you become stronger in who you are as an empath that’s when having that ability to feel when something someone doesn’t feel right and then you don’t do it then guess what?

Not doing what you always do to people please or to cope with a stress.

To cope with a fear you have.

If you stop having that fear and you stop being that way then guess what?

You stop opening the door to pain.

You stop opening the door to disrespect, and the more you stop opening the door the more you stop taking the call.

The more you stop giving your power away the more you stop putting these implants into your body, and into your life.

The better you’re gonna feel.

And boom-ba-da-bing.

Guess what?

Guess what?

The pain isn’t gonna be so crippling.

Guess what?

You don’t need their prescriptions.

You don’t need this sex.

You don’t need this and that.

What you want.

What you need is more kindness.

More self soothing.

And the more you soothe and the better you feel.

The more you activate your creative gifts.

Your spiritual gifts.

And the more you activate the more in alignment with your purpose you will be.

And it is your purpose.

Your purpose….

What is your purpose?

Your purpose is the integration of your past stories the lessons you’ve learned from your past stories.

Take the juice, get rid of the rest.

What did I learn from everything that I went through?

All it was was, was an opportunity to learn.

So remove the emotion around it.

Remove the, “this was done to me.”

Remove your victim mentality and take the juice of the lessons and integrate them into your day-to-day practiceinto who you are today.

What are you passionate about now?

What lights you up?

When you integrate the two that’s when you step into your power.

You start to step into your truth.

You start to step into your purpose and that’s when the pain will also dissipate.

Pain in your body the pain in your hear the pain in your mind.

It goes away when we are aligned.

Aligned with feeling good.

Thus, the people in your life really influence how you feel.

So you have to remove this idea that you should feel guilty if someone doesn’t feel good.

Don’t feel guilty about putting up boundaries.

Don’t feel guilty if going no contact is for your highest and best…

Then yes you must honour that.

Honesty with yourself is the only way to true self mastery and to really healing…

To really being free.

So the hardest part I think is realizing who in your life is hurting you.

Maybe not necessarily intentionally…

Maybe not in an obvious way.

But could just be that their energy is a black hole of nothingness and they are like a magnet sucking your life force dry.

They can’t help themselves.

They can’t help themselves.

Like narcissistic people are just predisposed to being a predator because they don’t have that juice.

They don’t have that wholeness.

They don’t have a core self.

So it’s like they’re taking the juice from you because you have something to give.

Maybe not but they’ll take whatever they can get.

They’ll suck you dry.

Being honest with yourself and who’s doing that to you for whatever reason.

You don’t have to explain it.

But you do have to be like I don’t know why and this is what I need to do.

I need to cut ties so that I can figure out what my center point is.

How do I feel when I don’t have you interfering into my mind and into my reality into my aura field?

So when you can get more aware of how you feel on your own then you can discern and decide if you want to continue having relationships with certain people that you might be suspect are implants.

And if it is the case and if they are an implant if they are an energy drainer then let them go with love.

Let it go and know that this isn’t personal.

It’s professional.

It’s not personal.

It’s being the change we need to see in the world.

It’s not being a good doer.

It’s being a do gooder.

Do good for you, and you will be doing good for others because when you put up a boundary, you stop enabling bad behaviour, and then those that are the takers will eventually stop getting supply, and they’ll be forced to do the work that they think they can’t do.

Maybe we as the healers, and the ones that are doing the work because we’re capable, we can be the place to go.

We can start showing people the other way…

A better way to heal.

To create and to be a human.

We just need to start growing the fuck up.

We need to start taking responsibilities for our actions and our decisions and our thoughts and our emotions and the pain we are carrying.

It’s no one else but you…

You, you, you are allowing the implants into your life because of your insecurities.

Because of your co-dependencies.

Because of your trauma bonds…

Whatever it is.

Deal with it.

Heal your shit.

How do we do that?


The daily practice of self-soothing will help you calibrate to wellbeing.


My best advice to you is create a toolbox.

Toolbox of tools that are soothing tools.

Tools of self-mastery.

Tools of self-love.

And create a program for yourself.

A routine.

A daily practice that allows you to conform to a behavior a way of being that is for your highest and best.

A way of being that helps you become who you need to be in order to become a healed human being.

In order to become a real life love machine.

That is the ultimate quest, really because the more love we have the more love we give.

And one who is in alignment with love is more powerful than millions who are not.

So don’t believe the bullshit out there.

They just want you to be imprinted and weighed down with the fear, and that’s why you have so much pain.

Block it all off.

Put your boundaries up.

Go within.

Go as deep as you can and cultivate…

Bring out what is dying to come out.

The artist.

The creator.

The healer.

The lover.

The friend.

The human being who has their

100% DNA activated.

You have no idea how powerful you truly are when you are empowered with love.