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I’m back with another good conversation.

Another good conversation about self mastery, and today we’re gonna take some time to talk

frequency activators.

I think this is my favorite topic of all because for me personally

The frequency activators…

They’re everything.

Like even if you don’t have a death plan, and even if you don’t have a Phoenix Rising plan.

If you know your frequency activators, then you can use them as you go.

So no plan.

And to be honest, I quite like that more than I like the plan.

Because the plans change – always.

Plans never go as planned, do they?


No, they don’t.

So I think the plans…

Having the death plan.

And the Phoenix Rising Plan…

I think that helps us get started, and kind of creates the framework.

But chances are, eventually as you do the work, and start to get momentum in raising your frequency, and the healing really starts to manifest.

Eventually you get to a place where, the plan gets put to the side, and you just kind of get into this flow where you understand, innerstand, and overderstand your tools.

Thus, the frequency activators, and who you are trying to become, and what you need to do, to do it.

So it’s like you know the colors on your palette.

And you know how each color responds, to what you do to it.

When you understand how each frequency activator causes an effect.

When you understand how the frequency activators create lines and shapes, within you.

When you understand how the frequency activators really affect your layers and your effect…

Ultimately it’s our layers and effects that really influence our success in the quest.

And so the more we get to know,  the better we can integrate and go with the flow.

And it’s so important to get to that place, because as we do the work to evolve, the more we raise our frequency, the more we calibrate to wellbeing, the more our world changes entirely.

It’s literally like going from upside down, to right side up.


The process to adapting to the healing, is the hardest part of all.

It’s not so much doing the work.

It’s the effect of the work.

It’s the work working, that is really hard to process, and thus adapt.

Allowing the changes.

Allowing the healing to unfold, and come through you.

And then really being someone who reflects their success…

Someone who reflects to the world, projects to the world, “Hey, I did the work and I won the war.”

Someone who is in love.

And so that being said, what frequency activators actually are, are tools that we use to raise our frequency, in each category of self mastery.

And each category of self mastery, reflects each chakra system.

And so when we have tools that support each of these categories of what it means to be a human.

But not just any human.

To be superhuman.

To be a healed human.

To be a human who is in love…

This is what it takes.

We have to fill ourself up.

This is what it takes to facilitate alignment.

And this is why the systems don’t work.

This is why healthcare…

AKA sick care doesn’t work.

This is why naturopath doesn’t work.

This is why massage doesn’t work.

This is why acupuncture doesn’t work.

This is why all the things we have access to don’t actually work.

Therapy doesn’t really work.


Why do these tools not work?

Because they are just specs.

They’re just specs on the spectrum of what it takes to do all the work.

All the work that’s going to actually target each category.

Each chakra system.

And when you integrate your frequency activators into a program…

Where you’re addressing each chakra.

You’re addressing your root chakra.

You’re addressing your solar plexus.

You’re addressing your scaral chakra.

You’re addressing your heart chakra.

You’re addressing your throat chakra.

You’re addressing your third eye.

You’re addressing your crown.

You’re addressing all of you.

These correlate to the categories of self mastery which, you know in short make up our health.


And love…

Or mental.



and spiritual.

And so when you forget one.

Or when you don’t consider one.

Then you are basically putting yourself out of balance.

And that’s why things like cancer treatment don’t actually work at getting to the root cause of the problem.

Because what we’re doing…

What they are doing is just addressing the physical body.

But they’re not even addressing it in a healing and healthy way.

There’s no discussion about natural protocols.

There’s so many ways to heal cancer naturally…

They suppress the natural based medicines, so that they could take over the world with petroleum based medicine, and basically poisoning humanity, and keeping us super suppressed, and never, ever getting well because they don’t want us to be well.

Because they rely on us to be stuck.

Stuck and dependent on them.

Dependent on their medicines that basically kill us in the end.

No one here is really living an extraordinary life.

Even those you think are are not.

Because we’re all part of this very low vibrational lifestyle.

And so many systems, and so much of what we do.

What we create, whether it’s a product you’re creating, or a service you’re creating, or information you are creating.

We are always creating.

That’s what we do.

But the challenge is…

The problem we’re seeing in the outside world, is that people are creating from a place of pain and frustration, and never being well.

And so the quality of life is gone down significantly.

And so the problem is that, when we are not able to get well.

When the systems we depend on to help us heal, or learn, or grow in some way

When they’re all just designed to keep us stuck, or suffocating under the weight

of never getting back up.

I just think that so many people are experiencing that in some way, shape, or form.

You know, the lifestyle we’ve been kind of forced into living…

Very fast paced.

Very go, go, go.

Get, get, get.

Do, do do.

There’s no time in that way of life to care about you.

To investigate and integrate, frequency activator tools that are supporting your chakra system.

And helping you create a lifestyle that helps you become the best version of yourself.


People are not doing this.

Most people are out there playing the game.

Playing their game.

No time for you.

No time for really doing the work.

No time to wake up and question the narrative.

The propaganda machine that is constantly influencing our thoughts.


But my point is, is that I think humanity, human beings need to realize that the way of life that is being imposed on us, is going to kill us if we don’t stop it.

If we don’t take control from within.

If we don’t care…

Care about ourself first.

And remember what care stands for.

Do you remember?





You have to cultivate that within yourself, and this is the hardest thing for human beings to do because they’ve been taught that self care…

Self love is selfish.

But what’s selfish is not doing this ish…

If you don’t do this work then guess what my friend.

You are a monster.

You are a menace to society because chances are, you are buried under layers of sheets.

These layers of emotions that make you act out in ways that take your power away, and probably hurt other people.

And hurt people, hurt people.

And so you’re out there reacting, and acting from a place of pain, and frustration.

And that’s why the problems never end.

And that’s why things are the way they are.

That’s why things are the way they are because so many people actually hate themselves.

And all hate really is, is that division between who you really are, and who you’ve become as a way to protect yourself from being heartbroken again.

Or facing more pain.

Or more shame.

Or more abuse.

So many people are suffering and stuck under the weight of abuse in some way, shape, or form.

And so it’s the divide within.

The layers of shame.

The lines and shapes of pain.

And the richness and the depth of so much heartbreak.

So much grief.

So much sadness and insecurity.

This is what creates the monster.

The separate self.

The illusion.

And this is what disconnects us from the truth.

So the only way to bridge the gap…

The only way to bridge the gap is to stop doing what you’ve been doing, and take the time to fill yourself up.

Imagine yourself as like a sphere.

You are a sphere.

A ball of energy, alright?

And when you feel like crap.

When you give your power away in some way, shape, or form, what ends up happening is your sphere loses power.

And the more powerful your sphere is, the better you feel.

And the more rich and delicious your life will be.

So it’s very important that you feel good, to keep the vibration tight in your sphere.

And so when you don’t feel good you leak energy out.

It weakens the power of your sphere.

But when you feel good, it strengthens the power of your sphere.

And so think about it like this.

The key to filling your sphere up, thus, filling up your chakra cups, is to know the frequency activator tools, and then integrate them into a daily practice, that helps you do the work easily, and with the least amount of resistance.

The key to really breaking the habit of being yourself, if you will…

The way we do this is by tricking our monster.

Our subconscious.

The programming created by this really fucked up life that we’ve been living in.

And thus, the great awakening is upon us, right?

We are being called to realize how we are giving our power away.

We are being called to awaken to the love within.

The lover within.

We are being called to stop relying on the system, and become the system.

And what happens when we do this work…

The more of us that do it, we individually cultivate alignment.

We cultivate wellbeing which fills up our sphere.

And the tighter our sphere.

The wider our sphere.

The bigger our sphere.

The more powerful our sphere becomes.

And so when we are out being who we’ve become…

Being someone who did the work.

Someone who is of a high vibe.

Chakras aligned.

We then attract the people.


And opportunities that are for our highest and best.

And so, the reason why life is so hard is because so many people, are misaligned, and out there in the world trying to put their sphere into a square.

You are a sphere.

But out there in the world, it’s a square.

You’re a sphere.

So we need to stop doing that.

Become a sphere.

Know who you are and be that.

Be the artist.

Be the creator.

Be the lover.

Care about yourself.

Love yourself.

Face yourself.

Face who you hate.

Face who you hate.

That’s the only way to bridge the gap.

To take off the sheets.

To take off the mask.

You know why it was so easy for everyone to play the Covid game, and put on their mask?

You’re hiding your shame.

You’re too afraid to speak your truth.

You’re too afraid to fight for the right to breathe the fucking air.

It doesn’t take much to realize what was going on, if you have any self-awareness, and self mastery.

But if you don’t.

Well, then it’s easy to play the game, isn’t it?

It’s easy to pretend that they are right.

It’s easy to let them tell you how to live your life.

I mean, after all you’ve been doing it your entire life haven’t you?


Yeah, You have.

But I don’t blame you.

I don’t blame you.

I did it too.

And it’s hard to step out of the noose, isn’t it?

It’s hard to not be part of the system.

But that’s why I don’t think that’s the goal.

I think our goal is to change the system by integrating into it, and changing it from within.

You know what I mean?

It’s like when we start shining our lights, and we all raising our vibe, and aligning, and we start going out there.

And being that version of ourself, really being the sphere.

It’s like the systems are gonna collapse silently and slowly, piece, by piece, by piece.

But at the same time, it’s going to be rebuilding itself, in this really beautiful, and delicious, and rich way.

And, that’s how we’re going to create this alignment, and change the way we do life, so that we are doing life, from a place of alignment.

A place from love for once.

But this love.

This 5D reality everybody wants to talk about.

It comes from here.

When you and me…

When we do the work to create inner unity.

Inner love.

When we know who we are.

What we’re made of.

Not know…


That’s when everything starts to click

like an orgasm.

You know what I mean right?

When you finally get there, you know.

And that’s the best part.

So with that, I wanna leave you with this…

This process.

Doing the work…

You know, it’s like sex in a way.

It’s like doing the work is like the foreplay.

So every time you invest in a frequency activator.

Every time you take the time to fill yourself up.

To feel good as often as possible.

It’s like foreplay.

That’s the kissing and the touching.

And the slow dancing, and whatever you like for foreplay…

Whatever you like.

And the more you do the foreplay, the more orgasms you’re gonna have.

And those orgasms equate to success.

They equate to filling yourself up.

They equate to more healing.

More releasing of trapped emotions.

More giving up the limitations.

Changing your story.

Falling in love.

And so, you know, this process won’t always feel like an orgasm.

It might feel like death, but death isn’t the end.

Just remember that.

And suicide is never the answer.

The best thing you can do, is look at your life, and look at yourself as an adventure.

This is an opportunity to really learn through emotion, cuz that’s really what being human

is all about, right?

It’s about emotion, and having these life experiences, that require us to maneuver through them, with emotion.

So the more emotional control you cultivate, the freer you will be, to make better, stronger, more self-serving decisions.

And so the only way we can really get to that place is by feeling good.

And the more often you feel good, the more momentum you get in that.

And that, again, is how we fill ourself up.

Have I made my point?

I feel like I might have made my point in several ways.

Several different sizes.

But it’s all good.

You know, take notes.

Take notes and see how you feel about it all.

I have quite a catalog of frequency activators, and it is my intention to empower us all, with a breakdown of what the tools are, so we can easily access them.

Because when we can easily access them, then we can easily integrate them into our daily practice.

And that’s where the rubber meets the road again…

You know, the rubber meets the road in a lot of places, so they all build off each other.

It all builds off each other.

That’s all I have to say in this good, good, good conversation.

I think it was a pretty good conversation.

Wouldn’t you agree, or would you disagree?

If you disagree, that’s okay.

No hurt feelings.

I do not care if you do not like what I have to.

I am just saying what I’m saying okay.

I’m just saying what I am saying okay.

Be sure to check out the next video, in this little series, because I’m gonna be talking about the next step.

The next step, which is the daily practice.

It’s the daily practice, which again is where the rubber meets the road okay?

So check that out and I’ll see you over there, okay?


Good day.

A good day.