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Once upon a time, I was a passionate personal trainer. I had a successful mobile business and I loved my job. But what I loved more than fitness was Kopywriting and marketing. 

I wrote this consumer proposal guide as a way to generate leads, and build trust with prospective clients. And the guide did work.

I was booked solid with clients.

But I was also a pretty good Personal Trainer.

My workouts were works of art.

And client care was art.

But, needless to say, breast cancer treatment killed my career as a personal trainer. Now I have to approach fitness from the inside out.

But that’s a story for another time.

Until then, just for the fun of it, enjoy the consumer proposal. 

Hi Friend,

Thanks for signing up to read the “​Ultimate Guide to Finding & Hiring an Awesome Personal Trainer”.

I’m Sarah Long, and I wrote this guide to help educate anyone that is considering getting a Personal Trainer, make the right decision.

See, the truth is there’s a lot of not-so-good Personal Trainer’s out there, and trying to find the right one for you, that’s actually going to get you the results you want, without breaking the bank, isn’t easy.

Now, I confess, I like to think I’m an awesome trainer (but I guess it depends on who you ask :))

And the reason I can say this is because I’ve put in ​A LOT​​ of work to be different, and do better than what every other trainer is doing…

I’ve been in the fitness industry coaching and training clients for health, weight loss and sport performance for over ten years. And for me this isn’t a job, it’s my business, and something I’m extremely passionate about.

But it’s not easy.

While I loved helping people get in shape and improve their health, not many people actually want to workout and change their bad habits…

Which makes it hard to help people, and thus build a successful business.

But my passion preserves and I’ve been committed to creating systems and building programs that actually delivers results, and I can proudly say, my commitment has paid off.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee on any program or service, which means, if at any point my client doesn’t think my service is worth their investment, I’ll refund them every cent, and let them cancel without any penalty.

And with over 12 years as a Personal Trainer, I’ve never had someone ask for a refund, and I have 100’s of success stories to prove my coaching works.

This is why I believe I’m an awesome trainer.

And I believe any trainer, that can do the same for their clients is awesome too.

If they can’t, then chances are it’s not a business they are passionate about, and most likely they are one of the bad trainers, who’s really just trying to make a quick buck.

And trust me when I tell you, they’re more common than you think.

I’ve seen them first hand in gyms…

I’ve hired them to train some of my boot camp classes…

And I’ve heard the horror stories from clients who have had bad experiences with bad trainers who took their money and didn’t deliver anything they promised…

And this is so frustrating to me.

I know every industry has its weak links, and unfortunately those weak links can make or break the trust consumers have when making a buying decision.

So my goal with this guide is to help provide anyone wanting to hire a personal trainer, determine what qualifies a good vs a bad one.

And by arming more people with this information, we can put the bad trainers out of business, and actually help more people like you, start off on the right track and achieve the results you want.

Now, I will tell you aside from trying to be an awesome Personal Trainer myself, I have also hired a Personal Trainer a few times….

Just like doctors need doctors, and dentists need dentists, trainers can benefit from having a trainer or a coach.

In fact, the way I see it, everyone can benefit from having a coach.

Coaches help you stay accountable and committed to a goal, and thus help you achieve that goal a lot faster than if you were to do it on your own.

A coach is having someone in your corner, and when times get hard, lonely and you want to give up, having someone there to push you, and talk you back up is invaluable.

So yeah, I’ve had a trainer, and they were awesome, and I did get amazing results.

But it wasn’t because they had better workouts than what I had.

After all, I make workouts up for a living and I have an entire website dedicated to workouts, called​.

Sooo it wasn’t that!

More than anything, my results happened because ​I had someone to show up for…

Someone that pushed me when I couldn’t push myself.
Someone that gave me the support and guidance to do the right things.
Someone to help me see new perspectives.

…it’s because my trainer made me feel like they really cared about me, and did more than I expected, I never want to to miss a session…

I felt obligated to do what he told me to do and I gave 110% every time.

And in my experience, that’s what separates those that get results and those that don’t.

….It’s whether you show up and put in the work or you don’t.

And what determines whether you want to show up or not, is based on how motivated you are.

But an awesome Personal Trainer will create a plan that motivates you so that showing up is fun.

So first and foremost, when you hire a Personal Trainer, don’t think that working out a couple days a week is the solution to getting fit, building muscle and getting incredible results, ridiculously fast, because it’s not.

In fact, that’s only a small piece of the puzzle.

There’s a lot more to it than most people think, and I can promise you, the bad trainers won’t give you all the tools you need, because;

A) they don’t really know what they’re talking about

B) they don’t really want you to succeed because then you won’t need them anymore

So here are 7 of the common misconceptions in the fitness industry, and what the bad trainers won’t tell you:

1. Eat 6 Small Meals a Day is BS

I honestly don’t know how everything regarding nutrition got to be so complicated, but it doesn’t need to be.

Three meals a day use to work just fine for our grandparents, and in most cases they were physically active all day. Nowadays, we sit in front of a computer, sipping on lattes, and think we need to eat every 2 hours!

…Its ludacris.

Not only is it completely unnecessary, and causes people to overeat, but you also end up with chronically elevated blood sugar and cortisol, which makes it really hard to lose weight…plus it’s just plain inconvenient.

I suggest 3 meals a day;

● Breakfast

● Lunch

● Dinner

And a snack, if you need it!

2. Supplements & Protein Powders

Supplements are necessary in some cases, for the fact that the quality of our soil nowadays is so poor.

With the use of pesticides and less crop rotation, the soil is dead of nutrients, thus the nutrients in our food is minimal. And so supplementing with a vitamin and mineral is a good idea.

But aside from that, unless you’ve done the appropriate lab testing, then you don’t really know what you need or don’t need and taking random supplements can be dangerous.

One of the most common supplement is protein powder. And while protein does help with weight loss and putting on muscle, there are a lot of bad quality powders on the market that can actually do more harm than good.

And to be honest, you can get enough protein in a day by eating regular, real food sources, and supplementing with it is unnecessary.

As an Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, I provide clients with appropriate lab testing that allows us to dig deeper into symptoms and main health complaints.

From there, we can eliminate root causes, and determine what supplements you might need to support health, so you can finally start feeling better.

3. Results are Made in the Kitchen

Nutrition is the hardest to coach, but it’s what matters most.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, what you eat will make or break your results. Now, I’m not saying you have to starve. In fact it’s the opposite, because most people don’t eat enough.

But more than calories count, it’s the quality of food you eat that matters even more.

See, a lot of foods are inflammatory and so even if you think it’s healthy, it can cause a lot of digestive issues, and unless you’re digesting and absorbing foods effectively, you can’t be healthy.

…And if you aren’t healthy, you can’t lose weight and feel awesome.

So my goal with every client is to provide you with the ​tools to make healthier nutrition decisions​​. I give you grocery shopping lists, food charts, and recommend the places to buy local meat and produce in Calgary.

I also determine your total daily calorie intake based on your specific macronutrient ratios.

Then I monitor client progress, through my online coaching platform where clients can log their daily food intake, so I can ensure they stay on the right track.

Some trainers, offer nutrition coaching as an extra service, but most trainers don’t have the education to coach on nutrition.

But I know it makes or breaks results, and plays such a big role in overall health. And so I feel like the only way I can guarantee results, is to provide this service as part of my Personal Training membership programs.

4. Selling Sessions Doesn’t Do Jack

Most trainers sell workout sessions, which has been the basis of the Personal Training business forever. But in my experience, you will never get fit and lose weight with the average 2 workouts a week.

..Speaking from personal experience, I know there’s no way I would be in the shape I’m in, if I only worked out 2 days a week…

Sure, you can do some workouts on your own, but will you?

…And if you do, are you doing it right?

…..And are you working hard enough?

Some people can answer yes to those questions, but most people can’t. That’s why they need a trainer in the first place.

And so this is why I really hated selling sessions to most people, because I don’t think it’s worth their money, and I can’t guarantee results.

When you buy sessions, all you’re buying is a timed workout, which is such a small piece of the bigger puzzle to the weight loss game.

…it’s like buying chocolate chip cookie mix and not getting chocolate chips.

What you need to get results is at least 3 days a week of high intensity workouts that build strength. The stronger you are the less fat you have…

Plus, nutrition coaching…to ensure you’re eating enough food.

….results tracking…to know if what we’re doing is working.

…Stretching and mobility work….to prevent injuries and eliminate pain.

And so that’s why I stopped offering just sessions and I set up a monthly unlimited membership program, where my clients ​can come as often as they want​​.

Not only do they get the consistent workout intensity needed to activate metabolism (much like a program I would personally follow), but they also get the accountability and support they need to stay on track, and make smart nutrition decisions.

The difference between my membership programs and Personal Trainer’s that sessions is that I’m giving you a total health training plan that fit people would follow…which is why they are fit.

And this is why my clients are so successful and why they get results so fast.

5. This isn’t a one month stand….

I personally guarantee fast results (if you do what I say)…

But I can never be sure how long it’s going to take, because everyone is different, and different people respond differently to stress, exercise, food etc.

So what works for one person, might not work for you.

This is why I don’t sell or believe in gimmick fat loss programs, that promise you 20 lbs in 3 weeks.

They can’t guarantee those results, and you shouldn’t fall for the marketing lies.

Yes, I know we all want results instantly, but it doesn’t happen that way, and there’s no easy way to get there.

So if you think hiring a personal trainer for a month will get you results, I will tell you to save your money.

You’d be better off following some fat loss videos on YouTube, because you won’t lose anything but time.

Of course if you are realistic, and follow a plan for an appropriate time based on your goals, then your success rate is higher.

I wouldn’t bother committing to anyone for less than 6 months, if you’re serious about making

changes and actually getting your money’s worth.

6. Qualified and Experienced Personal Trainers Aren’t Cheap….

When it comes to Personal Training, a lot of people look for the cheapest rate. And I can appreciate that if you don’t have a lot of money. But in most cases, cheap won’t get you results.

An awesome trainer who know what they are doing and has the experience and qualifications, will be charging a minimum of $75/session. Anything less, they aren’t a real business, and you’ll probably look the same 6 months later, and have lost $3000.

And in reality, why would you want to cheap out on someone you’re trusting with your health?

Do you want the cheapest doctor?
The cheapest dentist?

I sure wouldn’t.

But there’s a difference between cheap and value…

When I developed my monthly unlimited membership programs, my goal was to deliver incredible value, at an affordable price….

A price that most people can afford.

The great thing about this is, the more you come the cheaper it is for you, and the better results you’ll get.

…some trainers might think I’m crazy for doing this, but it actually works well.

Like I said, I’ve been doing this a long time, so I have a system down, which saves me time and still allows me to deliver clients amazing results.

7. Long Boring Cardio and Hour Workouts Don’t Work…

A lot of Personal Trainer’s are still doing hour long sessions of progressive sets…

And then they tell you to run for an hour on your days off. And sure, this kind of programming can work, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as High Intensity Interval Training (AKA: HIIT).

HIIT workouts are more effective because they combine cardio, core, strength, power and endurance exercises into one workout. When you train like this, you have minimal rest time, which keeps intensity elevated. As a result, your body has to work extra hard, thus you fatigue faster…

And because HIIT workouts are usually a total body workout, this puts the body into a metabolic afterburn state, which means you continue to burn fat, up to 36 hours later…

The best part of HIIT is you don’t need to do it for an hour…

If the workout is structured properly, then 45 minutes max is all you need.

…And that includes a warm up!

So that concludes the 7 misconceptions of what it takes to lose weight and hiring a Personal Trainer.

I hope this helps you in your search for finding someone best suited to help you achieve your goals. And if you’re frustrated with your current trainer, then perhaps you can use this information to find someone better.

Ultimately I know it’s not an easy search or a cheap investment.

So take your time and interview several trainers before you make a decision.

Most trainers offer a free consultation, so it’s a good idea to take them up on that offer, meet with them and see what they have to say.

Also, if they are willing to put you through a workout so you can get an idea of how they train, that’ll be helpful as well.

You want to make sure you are comfortable with a Personal Trainer, and that they give you more than just sessions. If not, keep looking because there are better options.


If you’re in the ——— area, and are interested in taking your health and fitness to the next level, then I’d like to invite you in to try one of my famous HIIT workouts and a Total Body Diagnostics Assessment.

My studio is located in ——–, and includes top quality equipment, and easy access to the great outside, for fresh air and sunshine.

My free total Body Diagnostics Assessment includes:

  • ●  Lifestyle Q & A
  • ●  Body fat testing and measurements
  • ●  Flexibility and postural analysis
  • ●  Fitness test
  • ●  Program planning

From there if you like me, my style of training and are interested in joining one of my monthly unlimited personal training programs, (or other programs) then I can get you started right away…

Membership Programs Include:

  • ●  Unlimited sessions with me (Monday-Friday
  • ●  Free Initial Consultation
  • ●  Monthly Assessments
  • ●  Nutrition Coaching
  • ●  Access to my online coaching community to track your progress
  • ●  Clean workout environment
  • ●  No crowded gyms
  • ●  No extra fees (one monthly payment)

Plus, with my money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. Membership programs vary from $525-$725 a month.

Moving forward I’ll track your progress bi-weekly and keep you on track with HIIT workouts and nutrition monitoring.

You have nothing to lose, but unwanted pounds.

I AM. Alcohol Ink Artist. Mixed Media Queen.