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I just want you to know that there is just so much about me that you don’t know…


what you want now, girl?

What you want….


Go get water from your dish.

Why you gotta get water like this?

Why, girl, why, why?

Why are we always doing the same thing over and over and over again?


Why, why? Why?

You sit here and you beg for something you already have.

Something that’s right in front of you.

Fresh, clean, spark-a-ling water

She doesn’t want the water in her dish she wants the water from the faucet because it makes a fucking difference.

It’s the best water when it’s from the faucet but when it’s fresh from the faucet into my dish it doesn’t do shit.

So what you end up with is a cat who is a psychopath.

She’s a psychopath because it’s like…

She just destroys you with her water woes.

Her water woes, meaning that she can never get enough water no matter where she goes but wherever she goes she has water.

She has enough water.

She has so much water but she cannot figure out how to drink the water.

So I’m pretty sure that her parents were probably siblings or something because I’ve never seen anything like it.

And any normal cat would know how to drink water.

But this cat…

This beautiful beast she can’t figure it out.

She can’t figure it out.

I can’t figure out why.

And it’s just like this never ending war between like needing water from the faucet but not really understanding how to drink the water from the faucet.

Cuz like I turn it on so that it’s like…


It’s a gentle drop so that she can gently lick it.

So she can, she can lick it.

She can lick it but she doesn’t understand that.

It’s like she refuses to really drink the water in her dish that’s fresh.

Daily, fresh because she would rather try to drink the water from the faucet.

So I’m like I just really don’t know what to do for her.

I don’t know how to help.

And this is why I want you to understand that there’s nothing you can really do to help people or cats.

Because the thing is we can give them guidance and tools but it’s up to them to use the tools.

It’s up to you to figure out how to drink the water.

Otherwise you’re gonna be dehydrated.

And so I just think kitten is just an example of what most humans end up doing.

They spend so much time trying to, you know, change other people.

Trying to help other people when other people can only help themselves.

So the best thing for you to do is to help yourself.

Help yourself feel well.

Help yourself fill up your well so that you always have enough water.

So that you always have the ability.

The skills.

The tools.

The personality to drink from the well.

To drink the water.

To absorb the water.

To nourish your body and hydrate yourself.


Because, because, because you are free to do so.

Free to embrace hydration.

See, what we don’t realize is a lot of us are imprinted with these codes…

This programming.

This emotional chemistry that tells you that you have to be ashamed of who you are and you’re not good enough.

So you don’t deserve the best.

So then you just have this programming in you that is making you think that you don’t deserve the best.

So you always are kind of emitting with your frequency with your thoughts and your feelings and your actions.

You are putting that frequency out.

And so that’s why sometimes it’s so hard for us to really truly receive the abundance we deserve.

The extraordinary life we want or we can’t seem to get…

Well, it’s probably because of the chemistry in your bloodstream that is the byproduct of your feelings also known as your emotions.

Energy in emotion.

It’s always causing your effect.

So what is your effect?

Is it positive or is it negative?

Is it murky or is it bright?

Is it vibrant?

Is it divine?

Is it aligned?

Or is it chaotic…


And dark and twisted and contorted…


What is it?


What is it?


I don’t know what it is for kitten but I will help her find out.

I want to help her be able to drink water.

But to be honest, like it’s strange because I sometimes have the same problem where I just don’t embrace water.

I don’t embrace the hydration.

I don’t embrace what water does for me.

And, so why is that?

Why is that?

There’s a probably a trauma in some layer of who I’ve become.

So where is that?

Where is that trauma?

What is the message in my subconscious telling me about water?

And there’s always a story.

There’s always a story that’s going on in the background that’s like making you feel a certain way because of something that happened.

And it’s like, it’s not that it’s necessarily a bad thing or a good thing.

It’s really just your perspective of it.

And there’s so many variables that influence our perspective of events…


And so the more you can see through the lens of unconditional love and forgiveness…

The more you can see through that lens the better you get at handling life’s events and challenges which are essentially lessons.

And the better you get at rising above the lessons the more blessings you are open to receive.

But if we don’t ever, you know, really rise above and we just keep repeating the same stories…

We’re not really learning the lessons.

So we’re not getting the blessings.

So we basically block ourselves off when we don’t deal with the stuff that keeps us separate from the truth.

Separate from our own personal truth.

The mission that we’ve come to serve.

It’s really hard to line up to that when you don’t feel good enough.

When you don’t believe you deserve to be loved.

Deserve to be rich.

Deserve to be…

Successful in whatever way that you want to.

It’s like you have come here to have the life experience.

And if you can, then you should try and give it everything that you have.

Give it everything that’s in you to creating a life that you love.

A life that allows you the freedom…

The permission to activate your gloves.

Your creativity…

It’s in your hands.

It’s in your hands and it’s in your throat chakra.

It’s in your hands and it’s in your throat chakra.

So that’s why painting and speaking, and writing, and documenting yourself, and you know doing all this stuff to, get to know yourself, is so valuable because it can help you make more discerning…

Self loving, and discerning decisions that are going in a direction, or are more in sync with where you want to go, and who you want to become.

You know what I mean?

And then in the daily practice of feeling good helps you tune your frequency to that and that is how you open yourself up to the lessons and the blessings.

And then when you get to a really good place you just feel hydrated in so many ways.

You know because you’re not blocking yourself off anymore because now you’ve just healed it.

You healed so much you see through the lens of love.

So you don’t hold a grudge.

You don’t hold shame.

You don’t hold insecurity.

You don’t feel afraid.

You don’t feel let down.

You feel empowered.

You feel empowered because you feel whole.

It’s like the work is to basically stop thinking a certain way…

The way we’ve been taught to think.

It’s like that’s what’s making us repeat the same stories over and over again and stay stuck in the problems instead of being the solution.

Integrating the lessons we’ve learned from the problems and really start doing the work.

Doing the work.

Clean yourself up.

Clean yourself up.

Clean yourself up.

Activate your gloves.

That is all.