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Just in the studio…

That’s right.

The Alcohol Ink Art Studio.

We’re gonna do a little painting.

A little painting sesh.

That’s right, a little session with the inks.

I’m very excited.

I’m very, very excited. It’s been a long time since we’ve painted, hasn’t it?

Indeed it has.

So I just wanted to kinda say goodbye, because you know, whenever we open the door and have another sesh, we transform.

So, whoever you think you see right now, whoever I am right now, I will not be this version of self when we’re done…

When we’re done with what we’re gonna do here.

So I hope you’re prepared for what’s coming.

And don’t be sad.

Don’t be sad when I’m gone.

Because trust me, who you see now, she ain’t nothing.

Nothing compared to who’s coming.

You’re gonna like who’s coming.

I’ve already met her.

I actually see her all the time so it’s just basically, now is the time for her to take over the show.

My show, your show, our show.

Time to put her in control.

Because the truth is…

The truth is I’m not very good at being in control, because I’m never in control.

You know, I think we like to think we’re in control, but nobody is.

Nobody is and I am no different.

So that’s why it’s like, yes, please let someone else who knows what they’re doing come through.

Please, please do me a favour…

So I’m very excited.

And you know, the thing is…

What you have to understand is that the process for getting to this place where we are ready, you have to like pace yourself.

You can’t just do it overnight.

You can’t just jump into it.

You can’t paint every day because if you paint every day then you’re transforming every day.

And it’s too much.

It’s too much for the brain.

It’s too much for the heart.

It’s too much for the body.

So painting has to be something that you’re committed to as a practice for transformation and healing.

But you have to pace yourself.

You have to have awareness around your energy and how you’re feeling.

And so if you can feel it’s too much, then you have to back off.

Because it’s like, you know, with anything that’s too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

So if you’re, you know, in the dark for a long period of time and then like someone opens the curtains, it’s like, whoa.

It’s so much brightness.

Too much brightness.

And it’s really hard on the eyes.

So it’s the same kind of concept when it comes to.

You know, healing in general, but specifically healing with the alcohol inks because the alcohol inks are like…

It’s like opening the window, but like all the windows, like so much brightness, more brightness than you’ve ever experienced.

And so you have to pace yourself on that.

It’s like open the curtain in increments, Okay.

Crack today, crack tomorrow, crack the next day.

Crack the next day.

Maybe wait a month before you take the next crack.

You gotta, play it by ear.

Play it by heart.

Play it by how you’re feeling.

If you’re tuned in, tapped in, turned on.

If you are doing the work and you’re aware of how you feel, then you’re gonna know when it’s time to go.

And when it’s time to slow down.

Go fast or go slow, or go slow or go fast.


So wanna talk about this one painting with me?


Look at this painting.

What do you think?

I really just, I’m really noticing how defined my eyebrow is.

It’s like so crazy.

It doesn’t feel right.

I just have my eyebrows done did the other day.

So it’s like a very tight, whew…


Let’s call it a whip.

It’s an eyebrow whip.

I digress.

We’re not supposed to be looking at me, we’re supposed to be looking at her.

Look at this beauty.

This is quite an older painting.

It’s the only one that looks like this.

It’s so interesting and so magnificent to me.

There’s a little bit of scuffing going on there, but I’m really obsessed with the vibrancy of the lines and especially like, look at that there.

I didn’t know what I was doing here either, so that’s why this is so cool because…

It’s so good.

It’s so good.

I mean, not everybody’s gonna think so, but that’s okay.

If you don’t like it, that’s okay.

I love it.

I love contrast.

I love when we have, you know, a variety of the richness and the depth.

A variety of the lines and…

One layer.

One layer.

This is what I say is one layer, and this would be more like two layers.

This is like two layers…

where you get more vibrancy.

It’s another layer.

And then when you have these beautiful lines and shapes that there’s just something about the lines and shapes that carry a frequency.

It carries information that I can’t even put into words.

Like I don’t, I’m not even sure what to say because it’s not about interpreting it via words.

It’s about interpreting it via emotion.

So the contrast, the lines and shapes, the colors, the overall energy from the painting and everything that, is involved, it’s all information.

It’s all information that carries the codes or the keys to activating your DNA and to activating your chakras.

To helping you remember who you are.

Do you remember anything yet?

Give it time, because that’s the thing with the information we get from the paintings, is that it’s not necessarily instant per se…

Or you won’t realize it.

Not always.

Sometimes you will, but, but sometimes you won’t realize what kind of information you actually unlocked until you’re like, how do I know this magnificent stuff?

Until you’re like doing superhuman stuff and you’re like, how do I know how to fly?

How do I know how to read minds?

How do I know what I know?

And you’ll be like, I remember that time where I saw that painting.

I saw that angelic intelligence, that Artist Sarah Long was holding up and she told me…

She told me it would light me up and then you’re gonna remember this moment and then you’re gonna think she was right.

I’m right.

This my friend.

This is information they’ve been trying to keep from us.

You’re welcome.

You are welcome.

So there you go.

The information will empower you right now, and the download and the codes will start to unfold through your nervous system, and into your cells and into your mind, and into your heart.

And then you’re gonna start to change your lines and shapes.

Change the way you show up.

Change the way you think.

Change the words you say.

Change the kind of information you consume.

Change your beliefs.

Change your values.

Change your, change your everything.

For the highest and best.

For the highest and best.

This is going to help you calibrate to love.


Need, I say more.

Need I say more.

It’s really just about creating opportunity, creating the opportunity, creating the time and space so that you and me can sit here together and just enjoy the show.

The show.

She’s the show.

Is time to paint.